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Tuesday, July 09, 2013

BI & Reporting - The Sunrise Approach

I hope everyone is doing well this fine day. I know it's been a little while since my last post and for good reason. Being back at Sunrise Technologies, my focus has been around the gearing up and forming of a new practice that focuses around business intelligence & reporting.

I wrote a lot of creating a system of engagement, in something that takes a companies data and goes beyond the normal transactional system of record. That really puts a companies data to work for them. Further, going beyond Dynamics AX and what typical scenario's would drive a company into needing more than what comes as part of the stack offering for a total BI story to be crafted.

With that in mind, this all has been a build up to the recent news that was released last week. Sunrise Technologies Announces New Business Intelligence Offering

From the post.:

"Sunrise Technologies, a leading supply chain consulting organization providing Business Intelligence and Enterprise Resource Planning solutions, today announced the addition of its MicroStrategy Business Intelligence (BI) practice. By partnering with MicroStrategy, a leading worldwide provider of enterprise software platforms, Sunrise Technologies will also offer the MicroStrategy Business Intelligence Platform™, the MicroStrategy Mobile Platform™, and MicroStrategy Applications™ to its customer base.

The Sunrise Technologies BI practice provides solutions that empower users across all levels of an enterprise with greater insights that lead to better business decisions. Sunrise Technologies’ customers will be able to leverage fast, easy-to-use, self-service analytics as well as a broad range of MicroStrategy functionality to identify trends that will help them to seize growth opportunities and stay ahead of the competition."

With this, we now have a complete offering that can be targeted to craft a true BI story for clients. Let me make something clear here and now. Business Intelligence is not a tool. Too often, companies will purchase a product and feel like they purchased "BI". This is far from the truth. Real business intelligence lies in the understanding of a companies data. This understanding then leads to the "right tool for the job" at hand.

What does this mean then, relating to what I'm referencing? It's not a SharePoint vs. a MicroStrategy dashboard. It's not an Analysis Services cube vs. a MicroStrategy cube element. These are all tools, that help complete a total story. What we are bringing is the options from both frameworks. Meaning in short: MicroStrategy extends what the Microsoft stack starts.

Now its true there are scenarios that will have an end tool path of one or the other. That is exactly to my point, and how we approach BI & Reporting projects. First a true diagnostics of the current situation and reporting needs. Understanding the data which in turn leads to the making the right choice of tool for the companies BI & reporting needs.

To find our more, check out our home page for the business intelligence practice: Sunrise Business Intelligence Solutions. Further have a a great set of resources that can give further insight into what could be possible in crafting a BI story for your company.:

With this, we now have a complete offering that works for the typical Microsoft Dynamics AX customer, or those that need scale beyond, for the cloud and mobile empowered! This is the start in introducing the approach and offering that I will continue to expand upon in the coming months.

One final note for this post, that is I'm honored to have been awarded for the 2nd year Microsoft Dynamics AX MVP from Microsoft. It amazing to look back on these near eight years of writing and contributing to the Dynamics ecosystem and see how far it has grown. It's a true honor to be listed along side my fellow MVP peers. Til Next Time!
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Anonymous Janet Blake said...

Many congrats on making MVP again!

12:23 PM  

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