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Saturday, November 05, 2005

Tricky Issue with reports

This post is related to the previous one. I ran into this problem right after I was able to resolve the issue below.

So I am back to consolidating the reports for them, which would allow the Order Entry people to do what they call "Batch Confirmation". So they entered in about 10 orders, verified them, and then went to the Sales Update > Confirmation dialog, entered their selection, and brought up the 10 sales orders to 'Batch' confirm them. This process would turn the now qoutes into actual sales orders, and also print out all associated paperwork.

Well we ran into another issue here, were our 'work order' report will display an image that it gets from the network. Well this works fine when ran from the context of the 'client', but now since the report is called from the SalesFormLetter_Confirm.run() {...} method it has to run from the Server context. The fix to this was easy though, because when I walked through the code, I saw where when the report was designed a WinApi::FileExists() {...} was being done. This was returning true when ran from the Cleint context, but false when ran from the Server context.

Reason of course, as I am sure the flags have went up in your head by now, is because of a security issue. The AOS server, service was set to run under a local system account. We had to change this to a network account that had all the needed rights for the AOS to run correctly, and also access the images on the network. Once this was changed and the AOS restarted, the report worked liked a champ!

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