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Monday, March 05, 2007

InfoPath 2007, Dynamics AX, and some crackers!

Ok, the subject line is meant to be funny with the crackers part, because basically that's a phrase I say, and thought I would make light a little bit. In all serious though I have been thinking a lot about working remotely with Dynamics data, for say creating sales order, quotes, etc. Along with the snap-in program, and well in doing so I thought about:

- InfoPath 2007
- Form Service 2007
- .Net Assemblies

With these I have been designing a framework, to where you could create and work with Dynamics AX, via InfoPath 2007 and Form Services 2007, in a connected or disconnected state. The point is to offer remote workers the flexbility of working from anywhere to create sales orders, customers, quotes, etc. and do this with active / intellgent syncs to where no matter if they are connected or not, they can do their jobs.

Now let me say, there is a very nice product called eCon out there that does this well. What I was looking to work with, and showcase was a streamline, slimmed down, set of functions that is offered via eCOn. At first I thought I would have to create a flat out .Net Smart Client of my own. I started thinking about having to have classes to present the data structures, in .Net and managing the windows form, and controls. Then InfoPath 2007 and Form Services 2007 crossed my mind.

That got me really interested, and so with all of that said, I am wanting to take and create a simple infopath form that will take a sales quote and enter it into Dynamics AX, via Form Services, and use .Net assemblies and MSMQ [Soon WWF / WCF] to faciliate disconnected business rules, as well as active syncing. With this one could see how to extend this out and really make use of InfoPath 2007 to offer remote abilities into Dynamics AX, for disconnected information workers. This follows the path that Microsoft is taking, and though it's not directly part of Snap-in, it's more looking into the next generation of what snap in points too. What I would like to do from there is look to the snap-in program, to extend this, and finally get a chance to write about Snap-in post I started back last year!

Of course, no one has time, and I want have time in the next weeks to do so, but I did want to get this idea out to the community and see the thoughts of people. See if anyone is thinking about this? Has anyone tried this? And get things in motion so that we could all benefit from such an example of the latest Dynamics AX product working with the latest office technologies, with .Net in the middle to give us a disconnected possible information worker for certain design task.

Well please feel free to comment, ask, poke at, etc.! Check back soon!

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Blogger Matiazo said...

Hi Brandon,

I used to read your blog and found this ideia pretty good.

There's an way to help you develop this snap in?

10:59 AM  

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