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Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Microsoft Dynamics Real World SOA White paper

[Must have PartnerSource access]

Well I came across the following white paper while looking for information on PartnerSource. Basically this firms up all the things I have been talking about for SOA, Enterprise 2.0, and Dynamics AX, etc. Here is the intro to the white paper:

"Business need to connect processes, people, and information both within the organization and across organizational boundaries. Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) is an emerging architectural style that helps meet these demands. Microsoft Dynamics has made investments in Web services and other SOA technologies across our product lines to help customers take a “Real-World” approach to SOA. Real-World SOA is about taking a pragmatic approach to systems integration where time-to-value is much more immediate. This paper walks you through the tools and technologies that enable service orientation. Check out the success stories of our customers who have taken on Real-World SOA projects to support their business vision.

And here is the Link:
Link to Microsoft Dynamics SOA White Paper

It is a great read, with a Lot of nice resource links, case studies, and a great road map for what and why in the Dynamics ecosystem for SOA. This is something that everyone should be thinking about and in the process of developing for, planning for, and deeply understanding.

The key... Web Services, and this will be the underlying delivery method of the next generation business applications from Microsoft. Understand it now, master the future later!

Check back soon!

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