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Monday, June 04, 2007

ASP.Net and the Dynamics AX .net BC

I thought I would write this week about using the Dynamics AX .Net Business Connector from custom ASP.Net applications. This can be a wonderful in for making use of X++ business objects, and other DAX objects, but it can also be something tricky to work through, and throughly plan for.

The thing to keep in mind is that ASP.Net 2.0, and it's use of Domain specific context, or Application pool, is tied to a given .Net Business Connector Proxy account. This account can be any AD network account that has rights to logon as BC proxy. The first time the proxy is launched, it's rights as a user will be used, and stay present into the application pool / domain context is reset.

This can be a tricky thing, because for example you might have an custom ASP.Net application where you want one site per company, per instance. [Similar to the Enterprise Portal for Dynamics AX 4.01]. In doing this you must keep in mind that each site should have it's own port for setup, but also it's own Application Pool. Doing this will allow you to run multiple sites for the different possible companies, and instances that you might have for Dynamics AX and your site(s). Let me tell you, I know first hand, if you don't plan for this and try to run off of the same application pool, you will have the wrong data going into the wrong company and not know about it until you have some data clean up to do. :-)

Basically though if you think about an Application Pool in IIS / ASP.Net world as the Domain Context for which a given instance of a ASP.net application lives and works, then thinking in these terms will help you plan your custom ASP.Net application betters, and allow for multiple instances on the same IIS box.

Well check back as I will cotinue this discussion and move into some examples for working with Dynamics AX objects from ASP.Net in C#!

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Blogger Ludovico Mattiuzzo said...

I'm really interested in this discussion.

At the moment I'm trying to write a web service to invoke business logic in Axapta 4, and I encountered several problem doing that.

I can't understand the use of a Business Connector proxy, and how to use it. At the moment I created an application pool with a custom identity that log in Axapta, without using the Proxy.

Can you write an article with the steps needed to create a web service from the beginning? (settings in Axapta, creation of the site in IIS, ecc ecc)

Or if you agree I can give you my MSN contact, so we can talk about it.


3:31 AM  
Blogger brandon said...


I will take and today write exactly about this and talk about the different aspects for you!

Thanks for reading and I hope that it helps you out. If you have any other request let me know!


11:04 AM  
Blogger brandon said...

Check out the following post I did today. This should help you out:


1:26 PM  

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