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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Snap, Crackle, InfoPath?

Well the release of Snap 2.0 for Dynamics AX was recently released. [ link: Codeplex Snap in program link ] With this release we see some changes. One the move to codeplex from GotDotNet for managing the project, and the
add-on's for the different Snap ins for doing different information worker task. these are still simplistic in nature, but show the power of using this piping for Snap to achieve this type of interaction.

One of the area's I wanted to point out was the Customer Journal Snap-in. This Snap-in is focused around InfoPath forms. Some post back I talked about using InfoPath with Dynamics AX. And here is a great example of doing that, with the Snap pipe line. You could easily use this model to achieve other custom built solutions for Information workers at your clients, Today, that could easily carry into the next version of Dynamics AX. Check out the bit from the site posting below:

"The Customer Journal Snap-in is a handy tool for a Sales representative that helps improve the productivity of sales meetings by enabling the sales rep to view and carry relevant details of a customer (contact info, orders, service requests), which are copied over from Microsoft Dynamics AX 4.0 to a Microsoft Office Infopath 2007 form, to the sales meeting. He can also make changes to the customer's information and take notes using this InfoPath form during the meeting and later synch the changes back to Microsoft Dynamics AX 4.0 server on the click of a

So with this, you have the ability for some information worker processes to work with office 2007, and can be very attractive to Office centered users, that make use of InfoPath or Excel.

Of course we all know the future interface for Dynamics AX is Office and SharePoint, and the futher development of this along with the development for the future releases of Dynamics AX just shows this to be true. The future: Office, SharePoint, .Net, and SQL Server are the core.

Well check back soon as I continue to post!

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Blogger josh said...

Hi Brandon - Great article.

You mention InfoPath and Dynamics AX - we have actually developed a Snap In for Dynamics AX much like the Customer Journal for Dynamics CRM. The Vendors Journal Snap In for Dynamics AX 2009 allows offline visibility into the DAX 2009 system, allowing edits, updates, and changes.

See more at www.meritsolutions.com/axsnap/

10:27 AM  

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