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Sunday, August 12, 2007

Dynamics AX project success - Business Processes Streamlined

When entering into a new implementation, one of the key things that needs to happen for a project to be a success is the discovery phase. This phase is very much customer intensive as they must provide the consultants with business process documentation and review of such documentation. The point of this phase is to really define the full scope of the project. In doing so you create the real project plan, and can start to talk about educated timelines, vs. wild guessing of such. So the discovery phase is very important, and has a lot of key aspects to it. One of which is making sure the customer takes advantage of the time to review their business processes and use of software to see if they can steamline their BPs. This is one of the Points in implementing a new ERP, or parts there of, for taking advantage of what the ERP offers out of the box, and also what needs to be modified to achieve the business needs.

To often I have been involved with projects, or heard of projects, where the customer wanted the new system to do exactly the same as the old system. This is understandable, but the real benefit and actual point of this is missed. See what the goal should be is to achieve the business need, but possibly with totally new ways and new business processes. Now it does not make sense to add work to achieve the same ends, but the goal would be for the customer to look at their business processes in an entire new way, the Dynamics AX way.

So while the overall Discovery phase is most very important, an outlet or faucet of the phase is taking the time and having the customer see and take advantage of reviewing the business processes at hand and streamline them with the new solution. Proper planning for this can make sure such streamlining is considered in the project plan, and therefore timelines can be meant at a better percentage rate.

Well check back as I continue to post. I will be switching back to more technical postings, as well as some surprise post that might interest a few of you!

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