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Thursday, August 09, 2007

Dynamics AX project success - Performance Tuning the system

Now that I talked about some key project management level area's of success I wanted to jump to something that I don't think a lot Dynamics AX projects think about, until it's a problem. That is Performance Tuning!

What this means, for me, is starting at the SQL Server level and working your way out. Use the tools at hand for analysis of SQL Query plans, adjust clustered indexes that may not be correct for even out of the box tables, and make sure for your custom add-on's correct index creation exist for reducing table scans, and making more use of Index seeks.

So performance tuning is a big part, and should be a part of the project plan. If your a customer and do not see this, demand it happen. It will be an added action item for a technical level person, but it's Well worth the time and money it takes to do this for a customer. The reason why, in doing so, the tuning might really speed up a lot of processes. If that is the case, well just think about it and add up the time saved to do a task, several thousand times over, and the equates to performance gains for every other thing done, because SQL Server can complete job X faster, jobs Y, Z will be faster as well!

So please as part of projects, to make them a success, have performance tuning as part of it. This does not just apply to custom modules, code, and tables, this applies to all functional area's that wil be used for the customer.

Well check back soon as I continue to post!

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