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Friday, September 14, 2007

The Dynamics AX Ecosystem

In retrospect of running into people and clients that do not fully understand the model of Dynamics AX, I thought it would be worth while to write, and give a brief understanding of the Ecosystem that is Dynamics AX. So with that said take a look at the following:

Microsoft - Is the owner of the base software package / platform. The base package of Dynamics AX comes with given functionality. They also own and provide the use of the platform peices that help make up a given Dynamics AX deployment. In short they are the platform provider.

Dynamics AX VAR - Value Added Reseller - Sunrise Technologies, Inc. [Sunrise Website] Sunrise, like other VAR's, take and implements the Microsoft solution, platform for a given customer. A VAR will also talior the instance to a given customers needs. In short we are the implementer of the solution.

Dynamics AX ISV - Independant Software Vendor - Sunrise, To-Increase, and more all called ISV's as well. Like Sunrise, To-Increase develops functional add-on's that target given business verticals or micro-verticals. This is built using the Microsoft platform, and is meant to be deployed to offer more 'out-of-box' solution that is targeted to a given type of business. In short a software developer.

So for the customer, they would be contacted, and have contact with a Sunrise / VAR. Sunrise / VAR would then take and run a Dynamics AX implementation project on behalf of the customer. The customer in doing this would purchase software from Microsoft, and possibly an ISV like To-Increase. As part of the implementation Sunrise would ensure that the customers business needs where matched with what is offered out of the box, and develop the futher need specific to the customer.

From there Sunrise would drive the customer to a go live, and Sunrise would support the customer on going. Well I hope this helps, in brief, give some clarity to a world that we consultants assume everyone understands. This is the world we consultants live in, and sometimes we forget that our customers, or possible customers don't fully understand that. In understanding this, a better overall idea of the support, and breadth of knowledge and help that exists for a customer can be better understood and valued.

Check back soon!

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