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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Mass Deployment of the Microsoft Dynamics AX Client

"This paper describes how to mass deploy the Microsoft Dynamics AX Client using Microsoft Dynamics AX Setup, a configuration file, and a mass deployment tool such as Group Policy or Microsoft Systems Management Server."

Mass Deploy for Dynamics AX Client White Paper link [requires PartnerSource Access]

The above white paper talks about deploying the Microsoft Dynamics AX Client via Group Policy and Systems Management Server for enterprises that would have a need to deploy and update the client from a central location. This comes in handy for small IT shops, or larger than 100 client machine networks that will use the client. I wrote about this some time back, and some comments where left about the details of doing this. Well here is the exact white paper that will walk someone in an enterprise that needs the ability to do this with! Hope it helps!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

This document doesn't really contain any more info than the implementation guide.

And they sure didn't try deploying with SMS or Group Policy. I just recently deployed AX4 SP1 to 200 clients and then upgraded those same clients to SP2 last weekend. And it was a painful process.

First of all you can't use Group Policy at all to deploy the client. For that you have to be able to use the MSI file directly which they don't allow. I tried this once with 3.0 and it was a disaster.

Second, the wrapper around the MSI files exits right away after it's called MSIEXEC. And that makes SMS think that the setup is over and it reports back with a success status. For the first installation it's fine but when you want to install SP2 it gets trickier. It thinks SP1 is over and calls SP2 right away.

Third, you only have the option of either running completely silent or with interaction. There is no way to use setup.exe to make it use /qb which shows the progress dialog and possibly alerts the user to close his DAX 4.0 SP1 client so the upgrade can finish.

If DAX 4.0 SP1 is open the silent setup only updates the client but not the .NET or COM connector. And the use doesn't know he has to restart and i've found no way to report decent status of that to SMS.

Fourth, you have to copy the whole DAX4 installation to the SMS distribution point. So if I'd like the SMS client to download first i'm wasting a lot of space.

So basically mass deployment of the DAX 4.0 client sucks massively :-)

6:17 PM  

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