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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Role based experinces in Dynamics AX

For a little while now talk as been around creating and using roles inside Dynamics AX to define an information workers experince while using the solution. With this thought I wanted to spend a little time speaking about this with old, current, and future releases and the benefit.

Role based tasking, or UI grouping is not new by any means. With the furthering of UI controls, and ever connected states, the role based information worker concept will really start to come into play as being really a huge benefit. In AX 3.0 days, everyone saw everything in the main menu, out of the box, unless you limited by security. With To-Increase, the ability has been given for AX 3.0 to take and create custom menu's for roles information workers. This was all setup and configuration though, and could be by passed. With DAX 4.0, the same type of ability exist, but still it's more up to the user, and the user's configuration in this matter. With 5.0 security and role based workflows, and UI experinces will come to a could interestion, really for the first time. With Dynamics AX 5.0, role based information worker experinces will exist with designed flows, aligned security, and flowing UI that all focus towards an information workers tasks and goals. With the intro of Microsoft Dynamics Client for Office starting to be pushed more and more, the DAX 5.0 role based information worker experinces will truly take shape to something that flows well for a end user, and that will truly streamline down to the information worker task, vs. just business processes.

So to wrap up, looking ahead roles, and role based information worker experinces will really come about to mean something much, much more in Dynamics AX 5.0!

Check back soon!

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