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Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Time to upgrade?

Right now one of the thing that AX 3.0 customers are asking themselves is upgrading, and when should it be done? Well what you have to look at is the gain from doing an upgrade, and then the cost associated with an upgrade. If your up to date on your service fee's, then you get the latest software. That's is part of the need though, next you need a good partner [like Sunrise Technologies, Inc.] to help you plan your upgrade path. The means taking a look at your custom code and modules. Seeing what upgrade paths will need to happen for it. Also taking a look at new out of the box features, and taking the time to further streamline your business processes to make use of more out of the box. Next is committing. This is a Big part to upgrading. An upgrade project should not be taking lightly, and should be planned throughly. If done right, it can go off without a hitch, and you are in the better with the latest software.

So the right time to upgrade is Always up to the business need, and the given current situation you have. What you don't want to get into is Not properly planning for upgrades, and fall to far behind on the latest software. You will find yourself in a much larger upgrade project, that cost much more if than doing it as the software comes out. This is the issue that clients must realize. Sometimes it makes sense not to upgrade right away as the latest comes out, but you should plan to upgrade for every major version release of Dynamics AX. The reason why this is, is because it is actually cheaper to perform such upgrades. It ends up being a much smaller project, than jumping major versions. So you spread the cost of upgrading out over smaller chunk projects, than upgrading and catching up for 2-3 major releases.

So the right time to upgrade is different for each company, but each company should have in it's plan as continued improvement of it's solution a planned upgrade project for every major release of Dynamics AX. In between all the majors would be the service packs. You need to also make sure your keeping up with them as well. This will feed into a smoother upgrade process as well. :-)

Alright check back soon and often!

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