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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

ERPSolutions.biz - Total Quality Control Management

Well I wanted to take the time and talk a bit about the Dynamics AX 4.0 Total Quality Control Management add-on from ERPSolutions.biz.. We have actually had the chance to implement this a few times now and it really brings Quality Control into Dynamics AX. There are other packages that can possible get some of what is offered from this add-on, but now as much and the user friendly detail that ERPSolutions.biz delivers.

Check out the site here: ERPSolutions.biz TQCM Add-on

From the site:
"Total Quality Control Management is a flexible solution that establishes quality control standards for your products and processes. Control and manage corrective actions and non-conforming materials, select items or operations for incoming inspections, react to customer complaints and implement preventative measures. With Total Quality Control Management you have a complete tool set to improve the quality of your products and to serve your customers better."

And the Key features info [Link]:

  • Sample lot Testing with Acceptable Quality Levels (AQL)

  • Set inventory specific items to mandatory inspection

  • Set inspections for internally manufactured and/or purchased items

  • Create corrective actions for vendor items, customer items, and internal production items

  • 8D Corrective Actions

  • Create and manage non-conforming materials and items

  • Create and maintain non-conformance reports

  • Create quality verifications for in process manufacturing

  • Association between corrective actions and non-conformance

  • Complete equipment calibration and certified reporting processing

  • Create and maintain quality and ISO Standard Order Procedures (SOP)

  • Email notifications

  • Standard reports included

  • Ad-hoc reporting capabilities

  • Fully integrated and built for Microsoft Business Solution Axapta

  • Integration to other Axapta Series

Make sure to take the time and check this out, and if the need arises Sunrise Technologies, Inc. is an authorized solution provider for Dynamics AX and offers now ERPSolutions.biz TQCM Add-on!

Check back soon!

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