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Monday, October 15, 2007

First day of AXUG 2007!

Today is the first day of AXUG 2007 in Orlando, FL! Sunrise Technologies, Inc. [Sunrise Website] is a Platinum level Sponsor. Check out who is sponsoring and at what level here: AXUG Sponsors Link

Sunrise will be presenting the different aspects of Dynamics AX, along with showcasing or industry experts, as well as our new Dynamics AX Add-on offerings. This years summit is set to be the biggest in AXUG history, and I hate I will be missing. I am there in spirit though for all those who are attending! Make sure to go by and talk with Heather Essic and Mike Pereria from Sunrise to ask all your questions too.

Well check back soon as I pick up more technically related post, DAX 5.0, and some in depth X++!

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Blogger Unknown said...

I am interested in finding a tutoral or a manual for working within the AX system. The company that I am employed by recently switched over to AX. I think that this was a great change, however I have been left out in the snow when it comes to training. I live too far for the company to bring me down for training, and hence I have been attempting to self teach this system.
I guess it is the "shortcuts" and inner workings (I discovered that the ctrl C & V are funtional, but not R clicking) How do I work within the fields and create querys?


2:08 PM  
Blogger brandon said...


First thanks for reading my blog. I hope that possibly you can find some helpful things on this site for youself and others.

Secondly, you need to really get in touch with your Manager, and IT Staff. Your company has what is called a VAR. This VAR can provide the training that you need. Your company should work with their VAR to develop this specific training needs for you, including basic user training which you are asking for.

If your company is not willing to offer you this training, if I may say frankly, that's not a good situation you have there.

I can't point you to a specific documentation for you to download, as again this would reside with your VAR, who Does Have this training that they can give to you, even to read on your own.


2:16 PM  

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