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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Office SharePoint Designer - Information Worker bliss!

When you think SharePoint, and sites today, you think of a possible long setup process, customizing pages, and fitting things together. The future though is not the most technical aspects, or should I say the code, but the designer of SharePoint itself.

What I mean by this is the new offering of SharePoint Designer with Office 2007 system. Bye-bye we say to FrontPage, and hello SharePoint Designer to take it's place. The goal with this is going to allow Information Workers, or super users to easily create the flows, and collabration sites needed by them, and managed by their IT dept. The future I see here, is the front UI for most information worker processes inside Dynamics AX today!

With this I see custom web parts for achieveing business goals, and out of the box ones as well, that then allow an information worker to talior their SharePoint site experince, targeted for their usage of the business logic, in a mashup of Dynamics AX web parts, Office System documents, and Software + Services offerings. The goal would be to allow the information worker, if they so choose, the abilities to better manage their flows. It makes sense, seeing they own and work the flows everyday right? This would then free up with IT dept. to focus on the next thing, and development of core business logic, vs. UI flows, and interactions. I really see a great deal of things that can be accomplished in the future with SharePoint, SharePoint Designer and the future releases of Dynamics AX.

For now, though, I would recommend looking more and more into the use of SharePoint 2007 and the entire Office 2007 system all together interacting with Dynamics AX as is. It's a bright future, and all kinds of possibilities!

Check back soon!

Link to Office SharePoint Designer Product page

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