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Monday, November 12, 2007

LINQ, C# 3.0 - Something looks familiar

Well I actually, finely, took a little time and looked at a good article on LINQ and how it will be used in C# 3.0. And in doing so, the concept, how it interacts with the CLR and data, it looks VERY similar to something us X++ folks have been doing for nearly 8 years now... working with a data model, and data model variables for tables, and using SQL Like Statements within X++ to fill and work with those variables, which represent table objects from a database.

I mean you can't blame them, in fact I am SO glad they are finally, really getting to the point to where LINQ will be close to what X++ can offer. Of course it's not as knowledgeable as X++ is, but then a Object Tree would need to exist for the C# application, in order to make use of it... *gears spinning*

I can see how this move, and the sure to be robust LINQ is paving the way for X++ and Dynamics AX to be developed from Visual Studio, and a native .Net application. I would like to see how the Object Tree, labels, and the layering is handled though. Still, for those of us that develop in C# when X++ is not the language this is such a wonderful new technology for working with XML, Object, and Data, that brings C# closer to what X++ offers us!

Check out the direct link this post header points to on MSDN, and Check back soon!

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Blogger Unknown said...

If I'm not mistaken there is another technology that Microsoft is touting that will bridge the gap and it's called DLINQ. From what I understand it's really a subset of LINQ, the idea being that you could create a set of classes that would map to a real-world database. These objects would then be queryable via LINQ natively much more akin to X++.

5:29 PM  

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