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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Wrapping up Convergence 2008

Alright, so the smoke and light show is over, and we have what is left. All the information to sift through from Convergence 2008. In a word, for Dynamics AX 2009, it all about the LOVE. That's right... Love, being to where driving the User Experience (UX) User Interface design for Dynamics AX 2009. See here:

'Jakob Nielsen, who has the intriguing title, "Principal User Experience Manager" of Microsoft Dynamics.

He defined his mission as "to create a Microsoft Dynamics people love." Then he raised this obvious question: "What makes people LOVE certain products?"

He said his group in Copenhagen has seven studies going on, involving some 300 to 400 people via surveys, focus groups, and "cognitive walkthroughs" to gain "a deep understanding of the people who use our software," with particular emphasis on "emotional aspects."'

[Read the full MSDW Article here: Reflections on Convergence 2008-Is Microsoft About to Become Warm and Cuddly on Us?]

So the big focus, was about what we thought it would be. Role Tailored User Experiences, in the new Role Centers for the newly Designed UI of DAX 2009. I would like to point to the article I did for MSDynamicsWorld.com on this exact topic, found here: An Advance Peek at Dynamics AX 5.0—and the Emergence of Role Tailored User Experiences (UX)

I wrote this, and it was posted on Jan. 13th of this year. Now we can see fully why this has seen so much focus. Microsoft is really putting a lot into the User Experience, and making sure that the users will truly have an intuitive flow of their business processes inside the new Dynamics AX 2009.

We also had a lot of prep work, talking about the new Software+Services, which I have also recently posted about. And the crystal ball was kept in check with CRM Live being a big focus as well. All in all this years convergence, really put focus on the items we were looking for in the next release of Dynamics AX 2009. The usability at the user level, upgrading paths, and deeper functional areas covered more and more by both Microsoft and the IBI partners.

I would recomend you also check out the following MSDynamicsWorld.com post found here: AX 2009 Update: At Convergence Sessions, Dynamics Team Pushes Improved User Experience, Upgrade Path

Check back soon here, as time permits we will continue to look in depth at DAX 2009, along with all the new information that will become relative to this next Release as soon as it comes out this coming Late Spring / Summer!

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