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Friday, August 01, 2008

Clouds of change are forming

Alright, one may say that I have Clouds on the mind. But it's just because the 'Clouds of change are forming'. In my last post of talked about SCOPE and pointed you to a write up by Mary Jo Foley about SCOPE. This is directly related to Microsoft's backend cloud technology.

Well today, I want to point you to a new write up, over at Redmond Channel Partner Magazine, Ozzie's Vision of the Cloud Includes Partners - by Scott Bekker

And read the following from that post:

""Many business ISVs and many VARs will be looking to move their applications and solutions to the cloud just like we have," Ozzie said. "For them, like us, this technology shift towards services represents a significant opportunity, a chance for them to deliver to their enterprise customers the power of choice within their own application or solution." He called Microsoft's opportunity in the space "perfectly aligned" with the opportunity for partners."

I mentioned in my last post that we ISV's, VAR's, Microsoft Partners of all flavors need to start looking towards the coming Cloud computing from Microsoft. Even in the Dynamics area. I mean Dynamics CRM Live is something that is here, along with Exchange, Office, SharePoint, etc. Look at the next graph of Cloud and Hybrid on premise offerings already from Microsoft:

We have to stay experts at this, and that means that we have to start thinking about offering clients Hybrid choices on some of this stuff, understand how to make that work with cloud and on premise bases, and getting our solutions to interact, understand and live in both worlds.

I mean we have to have some reality check here, in that not all ERP / MRP / SCM functions can live in the cloud. Most companies are not ready for that, but some can, and some companies will push the edge. That means we have to start really thinking about this now.

And what will push this more and more into the cloud is Microsoft Office and Office SharePoint. These two key technologies that is driving more and more the interface for Dynamics, will continue to do so, which will allow these to be cloud ready and living in the cloud if need be.

Alright I will leave you with that. Check back soon, and bring your umbrella's, I think it's going to be raining Office soon! (yeah I know lame joke.)

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