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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

What can Microsoft and it's Partners do to improve Dynamics AX?

I want to ask everyone here a question. What can Microsoft or it's Partners do to improve Dynamics AX? Think in both functional and technical terms...

Alright so who should you tell? Well you have the AXUG, which is great, and also Microsoft itself with it's connect for Dynamics. What about though, an easy way to start conversations that involve both Partners, Consultants, Sales, Customers, and Microsoft?

Well MSDynamicsWorld.com has just launched a new forum for discussing both Functional and Technical aspects of improvement dicsussions for Dynamics AX.

This is something I have been working on, with for MSDynamicsWorld.com and I wanted to launch this new forum here, today. The goal is to get real discussions, with a lot of good input from different levels for any topic that could be covered in a Functional or Technical aspect. We invite those that have knowledge from every level to participate and join in this.

The Functional Board can be found here: MSDW: Dynamics AX - Functional Improvement board.

and the Technical Board can be found here: MSDW: Dynamics AX - Technical Improvement board.

So come on in, and start some real good discussions. The premise is this, seperate each by your perspective, be that of a "Consultant working for a Partner", a "Partner Exec.", a "Customer in house developer", etc. and then also seperate the post by stating if you think your topic should be considered under the Platform, or for Microsoft to address or as a Vertical offering from a Partner.

This is meant to spur idea's, and not replace or compete with AXUG or the Connect program, but rather help drive that even futher and deeper with a wider depth of particaption, in that this is a free, open range forum ready for use.

So check it out, and I will be on there as 'Dixiecrat'. Let me or the staff at MSDynamcsWorld.com know if you have any questions, comments, etc. about this, and welcome all!

Check back soon!

"Visit the Dynamics AX Community Page today!"

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