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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Dynamics AX In a Recession: Government Bailouts Raise ERP Compliance Challenges

Alright, so here we are way deep into government bailouts, and these seem to be setup to continue instead of slow down.

So over at MSDynamicsWorld.com, a nice new article has been posted that brings up something that we might should start thinking about, for specific verticals at first and then as the bailouts spread so shall the requirements.

I am talking about this: Government Bailouts Raise ERP Compliance Challenges: Why Users of Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 May Be Well Positioned

From the article:
"The assorted U.S. government bailouts will likely have a wider impact on manufacturers of all types than anyone can yet imagine, beginning with the necessity to adjust ERP systems to take account of important emerging compliance requirements."

And it goes on...:
"Bailouts of the automobile, mortgage, insurance, and banking industries mean the government will "have tentacles in virtually every industry in the country," says Ward, a former director of ERP and supply chain management at Microsoft."

Happy day that the gonvernment will have such long reaching impact into the economy. That can easily lead us into a Soap Box issue, so lets just continue on, as we have to deal with it now...
"Which ERP users will have the easiest times adjusting their systems? According to Ward, Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009, a favorite of globally-oriented companies, "stacks up really well." She points out that its Compliance Workbench enables users to easily set up business processes and workflows. "As Congress issues regulations today, you can make sure you are following whatever rules, and can create workflows to track in the Compliance Workbench.""

So what's important that I think should be taking from this article is how the recession has caused a recation, and that is going to cause itself actions and reactions throughout supply chains and companies spreading throughout many, many sectors and verticals.

In order to help facilitate this, Dynamics AX 2009 is very well suited for this kind of need, with it's 'Compliance Workbench' which is mentioned in this article. That compliance workbench was something I wrote about this past Feb. as being one of the hot new things that was developed and coming with the release of Dynamics AX 2009.

That article lives over at MSDynamicsWorld.com as well and can be found here: GRC: The Next Big Thing in Dynamics AX 2009

The GRC stands for: ‘Governance, Risk and Compliance Platform'

Something I wanted to really stress from that article that was wrote over 10 months ago, before we were offically in a recession:
"For both public and private companies, this new offering is going to significantly open the door for obtaining valuable insights into underlying business processes. This could in turn lead to more processes being tracked and adapted to urgent business issues at hand via Dynamics.

I will leave you with this:, if GRC is not something you find interesting right now...you will soon. GRC will become as important for many companies as AR and AP, helping take them to the next level in their Dynamics AX implementation."

So here we are, a mere 10 months later and we have are 'soon' in front of us for finding the GRC as something of interest.

Check back soon... and sooner than 10 months! :-)

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