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Friday, January 16, 2009

Layered Adds Automation Platform

Well I had someone send me a link to a very interesting press release about a Sunrise Technologies, Inc. customer: LayeredTech (Click for Layered Home page.)

LayeredTech is in what we would call the Hosting Vertical. This is something that Sunrise really has great expertise in, and really delivered a great implementation for.

The LayeredTech press release talking about the new automation platform that Layered has deployed can be seen here: thewhir.com: 'Layered Adds Automation Platform'

From the Press Release:
"Pozadzides notes that to fully relize this platform, Layered Tech had to lay the groundwork for it by unifying its back-end systems over the course of nine months, using Microsoft Dynamics AX. "Essentially what it did was unify all our separate systems into one so things like billing and accounting are merged together with inventory management, provisioning, CRM, etc.," he said. He added that this is the only company in the industry with this level of integration."

I just want to say, way to go LayeredTech! This is actually pretty amazing stuff they are offering their customers with this. To get great insight into how well this is, and what the goal is check out the Video: GeekBrief.tv Video

Like I said, it's pretty dang cool! What's interesting, and the fact of the mention that Dynamics AX was part of what made this all possible, as pointed out in the above from TheWhir.com press release covering this.

You can read the press release about the LayeredTech Dynamics AX implementation, done by Sunrise Technologies, Inc. (Sunrise Website) here:

And here is a customer comment about Sunrise from Layered:
“Sunrise was critical to our design and implementation of the Microsoft Dynamics AX-based ERP for our specific corporate operations requirements. Their expertise was invaluable in jumpstarting and helping us manage such a mission-critical initiative.” -John Pozadzides, Chief Marketing Officer at Layered Tech

Again congrats LayeredTech on your new offering, and I am just proud to be apart of the company that helped you get there!

Check back soon!

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