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Monday, January 12, 2009

MSDynamicsWorld.com turns One - Interview with Adam Berezin

Well the web portal MSDynamicsWord.com offically has turned one year old this week. So in doing so I want to say congrats to te team over there!

With that in mind, I sat down with Adam Berezin, CEO of MSDynamicsWorld.com. I wanted to pick his brain about the portal, how it's done, it's goals for 2008, goals for 2009 and what this year holds for our Dynamic community.

Below is the interview, I hope you enjoy:

1.) Now that MSDynamicsWorld.com is officially one year old, list a few goals that you initially set out to achieve in the first year, that you were able to achieve and grade how well you think they were achieved.

"We launched MSDynamicsWorld.com to strengthen the Microsoft Dynamics community. We wanted to provide strategic guidance to end-users on how to better enhance their current Dynamics platforms, and in the process create an opportunity for ISVs to gain more targeted market exposure.
Our two major goals…

1. To become the world’s leading, and most trusted, independent online information resource for Microsoft Dynamics end-users, partners, and consultants.

There is always room for improvement, but in just one year, we have been able to reach this goal. My team has worked, and is constantly working, tirelessly on trying to develop and find great content for the site. We’ve been able to retain over 20 executives from leading ISV and partner firms, as well as several people from Microsoft, who contribute strategic articles to the site on a regular basis. In addition, we have provided extensive coverage of major Dynamics events—Convergence U.S. and Europe, along with user group sessions around the country.

In addition to our strategic columns and news articles, we’ve created an extensive library of ISV and Partner white papers, solution brochures, demos, and customer case studies. We have been able to develop great partnerships with Microsoft and Dynamic Communities, Inc. (AXUG, GPUG, CRMUG, and NAVUG), all of which have helped to provide useful content to the community.

2. To become the world’s leading online marketing platform for Microsoft Dynamics ISVs and partners to create awareness, deliver a powerful message, and generate highly-qualified and targeted sales leads.

While preparing to launch MSDynamicsWorld.com, we conducted primary research on the marketing habits and activities of ISVs and Partners. After speaking with about 50 ISVs and partners, we found that they were encountering difficulties marketing to their target audiences. They were using traditional advertising and prospecting vehicles such as conferences and print ads, but both were costing them a lot of money and it was difficult to track return on investment.

We decided that MSDynamicsWorld.com would provide an alternative to these traditional advertising vehicles by offering cost-effective marketing programs with results that could be tracked in real-time. Since launching our targeted programs, we have serviced loyal clients from around the world."

2.) What are the new goals for 2009? Was there any carry over from 2008?

"We want to build on what we started last year. So in 2009, our goals are to continue to expand the breadth and depth of our content, create additional marketing opportunities for ISVs, and develop new strategic partnerships. My team and I feel that there’s a lot more MSDynamicsWorld.com can do to expand our content offerings and enhance marketing opportunities for the Dynamics community."

3.) What is your and your teams take on the Year 2009 and how Dynamics ERP brand will do, specific verticals, and specifically even Dynamics AX?

"No matter how good or bad the economy, organizations still need to increase operational efficiencies and reduce costs. Therefore, the need for ERP platforms will not go away anytime soon. However, given the current state of the economy, companies will definitely be more frugal and cautious when choosing an ERP platform. I believe this could actually help Microsoft’s strategy, as the pricing structure for all Dynamics platforms is extremely competitive, especially when you move up market with Dynamics AX. And the improvements and innovations built into AX 2009 seem to have been extremely well received in the marketplace.

I predict that many large organizations that were originally leaning toward selecting SAP and Oracle will begin to shift their focus toward Dynamics AX, based on the much improved value proposition. And value in this economy will count for ever more.

Microsoft announced at Convergence Copenhagen that it is making a renewed effort to help partners and ISVs focus on a number of targeted verticals, like professional services and manufacturing. That could help marketing efforts over the coming year."

Closing statement:

"In sum, we are optimistic about Microsoft’s Dynamics branding and about the competitive positioning of Dynamics AX 2009. We also believe MSDynamicsWorld.com is up to the challenge of reporting on the exciting Dynamics news developments certain to emerge this year, as well as reaching out to senior-level executives on behalf of the ISV and partner communities. It should be an exciting year."

Well I agree with Adam, this should be an exciting and interesting year. I want to say thanks to the great team over at MSDynamicsWorld.com. They have really done a graet job in becoming a number one site in the Dynamics Web based community. I look forward to working with them to help make it a better portal, and a great 2009!

Check back soon!

"Visit the Dynamics AX Community Page today!"

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