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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Azure: Full SQL Server planned for Windows Azure Platform

At the MSDN developers conference this week, Microsoft made the direction statement that now there will be a Full version of SQL Server in the cloud, vs. just having SQL Server Data Services.

The story was first came out at the register: 'Full' SQL Server planned for Microsoft's Azure cloud - Partners Demanded It

Also Mary Jo over at her 'All about Microsoft Blog' at ZDNet helps to try and put this all together and give some insight into the driving forces behind this rethink: SQL Data Services to get an overhaul

From Microsoft CEO Ballmer:
"The next version of SQL Server will do some phenomenal things in business intelligence, and data warehousing. We’ll have a new high end version that we call Data Center some time over the next year or so. We have an Azure version for the cloud announced that will reach fruition with the PDC this year."

Why does this matter? Well I guess if you think about this, it was going to happen sooner or later. People will want a 'full control' cloud platform, including down to the data layer. SQL Server Data Services could be fine for a light weight application, but an application that could be spanning a large amount of data, transation and so forth will need a full blown, heavy level SQL Server.

So this is the right move, and the right time to make it. While Azure is still in beta. This further makes the point that Azure is the only 'true' Cloud Platform.

I want to add one last thought to this. Without such a move by Microsoft, I don't think ERPLive.com or 'Dynamics ERP in Cloud' would ever be possible. This will ensure that such a future step will be taking place now, and give the ability for true control and customization of such an offering to the customer level.

Check back soon, and many thanks to those that covered this for us and brought it to our attention!

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