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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Microsoft's 2009 focus

Over at the ZDNet 'All about Microsoft' blog, Mary Jo wrote about Steve Ballmer's outline for Microsoft for 2009.

The link to the post is here: Microsoft’s Ballmer outlines his seven big bets for 2009

I would like for you to notice this:
"3. Desktop productivity — This is Microsoft’s most profitable business — Office, SharePoint and ERP/CRM products and services — area at present. No Office 14 until 2010, but higher-priced client-access licenses and strong “attach sales” of other Microsoft products are keeping the business strong."

So looking at this, you can see that more and more Dynamics barnd ERP and CRM are being put into the same focus area as Office. This is important to understand, and should further put to the point that we have been talking about here. Office is becoming more and more a part, and being a part of, Dynamics AX.

It is also nice to understand that Microsoft will continue to focus on this, and invest into this area. So for those trying to decide on what ERP platform to choose, this should matter to you a lot, because during a heavy downturn the top Software maker is investing and will continue to invest and be there for you.

Anyway thought this was for sure a note worthy point to make.

Check back soon as I have more great post coming out this week and next. And then we have Convergence! A lot to talk about, a lot...

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