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Friday, April 24, 2009

Arch. Journal: Mapping Applications to the Cloud

I cam across a great, very detailed article in the Microsoft Architecture Journal. The direct link to this article, can be found here: Mapping Applications to the Cloud

Here is the articles summary:
"As economic pressure builds globally, many organizations are starting to look at Cloud Computing as a potential choice to reduce the total cost of ownership for IT. In searching for ways to use Cloud Computing technologies, enterprises have to ask what applications make good candidates for moving to the Cloud and which do not, such as "Does the nature of the business itself allow for Cloud Computing to even be considered?"
This article provides a broad overview into what Cloud Computing is and discusses an approach to mapping enterprise applications to Cloud Computing platforms to assist in determining whether your applications or your business model are a good fit for the Cloud."

What a timely article this is. The question that derives from this: "Does the nature of the business itself allow for Cloud Computing to even be considered?"

Let me say this article does a really good job, of trying to give someone some real context in helping answer that question. Several examples are given, with good detail to them, from an architects point of view.

I recommend reading this, as this really helps shape the cloud computing question. Once more, this should be considered, and thought of when looking at custom applications that interact with Dynamics. And services that could live in the cloud that Dynamics make use of.

Take for example the given Photo/Video Processing.

You could see such an application being designed with the cloud in mind, and the retail stores connecting to the cloud and interacting with it. Also at the same time, this same example processing application could itself be connecting back to, say a Dynamics AX ERP platform. Storing customer information, processing credit cards, creating sales orders, etc. etc.

I would like to thank Darryl Chantry, Senior architect in the Platform Architecture Team at Microsoft, for taking the time to write such a great article.

Well check back soon, as I have more great post to come. See you then!

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