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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Featured on 'All About Microsoft'

Recently, my blog, Sunrise and Myself were featured and quoted on Mary Jo's 'All About Microsoft' blog.

The direct link to that entry can be found here.:
Microsoft offers no reasons for discontinuation of two Dynamics mobile products

Here is where I was quoted, and talked about.:
"Brandon George, Senior Technical Architect with Microsoft partner Sunrise Technologies (and author of a blog that covers Microsoft’s Dynamics moves), had some educated guesses of his own as to why the Softies may have decided to pull the plug. His list:

“1.) Most mobile applications for Dynamics AX are either running third party developed solutions or fully customized to the customer needs Mobile UI to DAX processes and business logic.

“2.) There is a purchase a foot, that will lead to easier development of mobile applications for accessing and working with X++ busienss logic, and the DAX controlled data model.

“3.) Microsoft is wanting their partners to continue to be the source for such developments and vertical offerings, and they want to provide, as usual the platform in which those vertical offerings are developed and delivered on.”"

And futhermore.:
"Update: It’s sounding like George’s suggested Reason No. 3 might be behind Microsoft’s plan to discontinue its two mobile ERP products. The aforementioned spokesperson just sent the following update:

“Microsoft believes the most effective mobile solutions will be those that meet specific business and industry needs and can be constantly developed to keep up with changing market conditions. The close contact of Microsoft partners to the market and their unique area of expertise allow them to tailor mobile solutions to the specific needs of their customers. With partner-built mobile solutions, businesses can benefit from the core functionality in Microsoft Dynamics, enhanced by the mobile expertise of local partners. Due to the broad availability of such partner-developed mobile solutions, Microsoft made a strategic decision to discontinue the current development of Microsoft Dynamics Mobile.”

In other (fewer) words: Microsoft decided to drop the products to alleviate conflict with its channel. If I get any more from the company on this, I’ll update this post again."

This is in reference to the post I did, from the article by MSDynamicsWorld.com, found here.: MSDW: What’s Behind Microsoft’s Discontinuation of Dynamics Mobile for AX and NAV?

So it seems that what Microsoft's reasoning behind this, turns out to be part of what myself and others were thinking. Still, from what I understand, there is a purchase that is related to this in the works.

So I am waiting to hear more details about that. Still I do think this is the correct and right move by Microsoft.

Well, that's all for now, check back soon!

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