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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Dynamics AX 6.0: A look at MFP's write up on the AXModel concept

Recent, MFP has been doing some great post about Dynamics AX 6.0, also currently known as Dynamics AX 2011. This next version is set to be released sometime in Q3 of next year, 2010.

MFP has done a series of post, talking about a new concept, called AXModels. This comes, as part of moving the Application files into SQL server, instead of being a flat file set of information.

Some of he highlighted benefits from this move to the SQL database, and also the introduction of axmodel concept are.:

  • You can have as many models per layer as you want.

  • You can deploy models from several sources into the same layer.

  • Strong Name Signing

  • Authenticode Signing

A few examples of uses for axmodels, specifically for development are.:

  • If you deliver more than one solution to a layer or across layers

  • If your solution is getting too big

  • If you write unit testing code and scripts

MFP has done a great job diving into this model concept, and it starts really with the move of the application files to SQL Server database.

So for the full details, check out the following, in order.:
-AX6 sneak preview - SQL AOD
-Introducing AX models - Part 1
-Introducing AX models - Part 2
-Introducing AX models - Part 3

I want to thank MFP for really diving into this topic. This will have a possible huge impact on the development of solutions and code, from a customer, VAR and ISV level.

MFP is planning on diving deeper still into axmodels, and so I recommend that you keep a close eye on his blog.

That's all for now, check back later as I have some great post planned. See you then!

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