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Friday, October 02, 2009

MSDW: Why Microsoft Dynamics Partners Begin with Big Advantages Over Competitors

Over at MSDynamicsWorld.com, a new article was posted recently by Raman Dhooria, IT Consultant, Microsoft India.

The full post can be found here.:
Why Microsoft Dynamics Partners Begin with Big Advantages Over Competitors

This is a good read, from a Microsoft person that gets it. You can tell that he understands the value and power of what the Microsoft partner community represents. Specifically in the Dynamics world.

From the article.:
"If we compare the partner programs of various ERP players, the new channel program from Microsoft (Microsoft Partner Network) clearly supports the essence of partnership. It allows partners to innovate and create business models on Microsoft user-friendly platforms supported by billions of dollars of R&D investments. Further, Microsoft would promote the vertical solutions from partners."

I agree with him, the spreading out over the massive partner channel that exists for Microsoft products, really helps drive innovation. It helps, to also really push the Microsoft technologies, and platforms through a larger section of the working world.

As pointed out here, by Dhooria.:
"Can any other company, including SAP, pay out equal to Microsoft in R&D? In short can they spend around $9 billion on R&D investments? The answer is NO...and the result is quite evident - SAP/Oracle can't come close.

Do SAP partners enjoy flexibility to create vertical solutions and own them?
Again NO - SAP/Oracle wants the whole share of Pie and leave only implementation to the partners. Plainly, the model is archaic and needs to evolve.

The Microsoft partnership model aims at creating large numbers of profitable managed relationships, and banks on human entrepreneurial instincts to grow the whole economy."

"If they can connect the enormous reach of their channel with the application prowess of Microsoft Dynamics partners, they create two new things - a new way of partnership driven business model. Second, change the rules of the game. The sheer size of this synergy would translate into a new economic phenomenon... ...How many sales persons can someone like SAP or Oracle afford to have?"

I also agree, that because of the nature and approach that the Microsoft Partner Channel brings, the sheer size of the force behind the technology, and implementing the solutions, means that more and more people reconize, learn and know how to use these technologies. This pushing then through the entire stack, from Office to Dynamics AX, to SharePoint and SQL Server.

This common platform approach, and something I wrote about now a few years back, found here.: What Dynamics AX beats SAP

And in that post, nearly three years old, I made a few statements, specifically talks on these same lines. The Product Stack, Research dollars, Microsoft's vision.

If you read through that old post, you will see the 2010 is upon us, and Microsoft Dynamics AX 2011 is set to be released then. What's on the roadmap for it? True SOA. ;-)

Now that last part is just a specific point to that older post, but coming back to Dhooria's points, Microsoft's Partner Channel is Microsoft's most valuable resource in making the sale and pushing the technology, that customer solutions are built on.

No other Partner Channel Comes close, not even from the other pseudo-platform companies.

Thanks Dhooria for the great write up. I think it's timely, because all the changes going on in the Partner Channel, from what I can tell, is going to really enable Microsoft and their partners to build up even further upon each other.

That's all for now! Check back soon!

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