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Monday, January 25, 2010

Sunrise Releases new Virtual Office

Last week Sunrise Technologies, Inc., the Microsoft Gold Certified VAR I have the honor of being a part of, released a new Virtaul Office.

This virtual office offers a new way for people to connect with needed information about Dynamics AX, Specific verticals, case studies, and also learn about Sunrise Technologies, and connect with us!

The offical press release for this virtaul office, can be found here.:
Sunrise Technologies Launches Virtual Office - Meet Sunrise employees face-to-face, hear from customers, and learn about Microsoft DynamicsT AX for your industry without leaving your office.

As part of this release I interviewed Sunrise CEO John Pence about this new offering, below is that interview.:

1.) What are some of the key goals Sunrise is hoping to achieve with the newly released Sunrise-AX.com, Sunrise Technologies, Inc. Virtual Office?

"We are trying to create a more interesting, personalized experience for our potential customers. We really want to give people a feel for our company and people, not just a static website."

2.) When designing the content, and the content delivery, what was the inspiration and guiding principles for guiding the development of each? How does the Virtual Office relate to the Sunrise office and the employees?

"The driving philosophy was it should feel like Sunrise. We wanted to create an experience similar to walking into our real office and being shown around by Mike or Cem. I think we came close to accomplishing that goal."

3.) Being a former CIO what do you think is the most exciting aspect of the virtual environment that will appeal to a CIO that is looking for an ERP solution?

"As a CIO, I was always frustrated by the expensive, time consuming aspect of researching software solutions. Our virtual office let’s a CIO efficiently and cost effectively research Microsoft Dynamics AX in a manner that suits his interests."

4.) What industries are featured in the Virtual office and what should companies in these industries look for when they visit the Virtual Office?

"Each of the core verticals Sunrise specializes in are featured: Apparel and Footwear, Furniture, and Consumer Package Goods. Extremely informative overviews and demos of what Microsoft Dynamics AX can do for each vertical are available in the virtual office."

5.) What new features are planned for the next release, and what goals exist for releasing new content for the virtual office?

"We plan to add features to the next release that make sense based on the feedback we receive from our visitors and customers."

The following is a closing statement from John.:
"I am really excited to see how our new virtual office is accepted by the market. I feel that on-line marketing is the primary vehicle we will use in the future to acquire new leads and customers. This is step one in a long journey to move the on-line sales experience closer to the experience you get in person."

This is a very exciting new offering, and one that I hope you check out. There will be a "badge" on the left hand side of my blog from here on out, that will look similar to what you see below.:

This badge will always take you to the new Sunrise Virtual office. I recommend you go and click the above badge and check out what is already being offered. Also check back often as more and more content will be added, that I will of course make sure and highlight for you.

That's all for now, but check back as I have more post, with another book review, another interview, and more focus on core AX, and the fridge of the enterprise with Cloud and Mobile comptuing focuses. See you soon!

"Visit the Dynamics AX Community Page today!"

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