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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Strong Statements during keynote at DAXCONF

While at the keynote session at DAXCONF, I noticed a strong undertone. This has nothing to do with the model theme, which by the way is for sure a dominating word.

No this is more around the following facts.:

  • 1.) First section of the keynote started out in VS2010.

  • 2.) Second section of the keynote, started out in EP.

  • 3.) Final section started out in Office.

Surely, from reading the above list, you can see the onw area that nothing started out in? I am talking about the rich client.

While none of these options can totally replace, or is even intended to replace the rich client of AX, as point out here.: Official Details about Dynamics AX '6' released, including comments from Microsofts Kees Hertogh, its still a very strong statement from Microsoft, that for AX 2012, the rest of the stack matters.

It matters not just to integration specialist, or some one of processes. No, it matter to core processes, to those people that feed and work with the AX Rich client everyday.

With all the great stuff taking place in AX 2012, there is plenty of room for advancement within the community, in helping Partners and Customers understand the true value of what is really taking place.

With all this said, tomorrow should be a great day filled with even better sessions. I hope everyone is enjoying the conference, and if your not here, just check out my twitter account. See you next time!

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