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Saturday, February 12, 2011

StandOut International - Standing up for those who cant do so on their own

Well I enjoyed a day off yesterday, and got to spend sometime with my girls. Got to watch them laugh, and have a good time. Play, worry free, and enjoy a warm, safe home --- together.

With that said, I can't help but think about how both of my girls could fall prey to a most horrible issue that exists not just in the world, but in America all over. That preys on the youth of this country and others, were some are as young as 3,4 & 5 years old when forced into human trafficking and sexual exploitation.

Please check out the following link.: StandOut International

Take a little time to read how they are standing up for those that can not, all over the world. See how you can StandOut!

Make no mistake, this is not some far off, third world only problem. In which, America does not suffer from such problems. I will not link to it, but go to backpage.com and you will see young children, being pimped out and sold, as young as 12 and younger, to have sex with men.

Craigslist, finally, stopped their service which enabled this kind of horror to take place. To which the love filled eyes, of our young girls, who want to play, be kids, love and live... are taken, stripped, robbed, stolen.

This is not a wrong any of us should dare to allow it to continue. This is something that needs a louder voice, for all the countless faces here and abroad, that we stop this, and help save our innocent kids, and give a chance to be just that... a kid!

Will you StandOut?

"Visit the Dynamics AX Community Page today!"

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