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Monday, March 07, 2011

Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 and the use of Claims Based Security

While at DAXCONF11 this past Jan. one of the sessions I attended was around security, and what is changing for Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012. There is actually a good bit to talk about in this area, and the topic I wanted to focus on for this post is around Microsoft Sharepoint 2010, and it's enabling of Claims Based Security.

The link above is a great resource, that gets to the point of Claims based security. In short, Claims based security is meant to address.:
  • Claims based authentication addresses privacy and other compliance concerns

  • Claims based authentication addresses integration of different systems

Now, looking at how this was demoed at the conference, we actually saw the fact that no longer does an AD user have to exist, for granting role based security rights within AX.

This is actually huge in what it enables. So for example, you can have say Windows Live ID, and make use of that to grant a Windows Live User ID access rights, and role based security for context, to the given Windows Live user id through the new Claims Based Security!

This means that your external customers, vendors and other business partners do not have to have an AD account, instead they could login to your portal and site through Windows Live, A Custome Security Login for your site, and many other third party security.

This is enabled through the use of Microsoft Office SharePoint 2010, Claims Based security.

Now that's the given, but what this also enables is the steps and move towards the Cloud for Microsoft Dynamics AX!

This is a huge step in helping make future AX versions move more securely to the cloud, as well as giving you instant usage with Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 and cloud based properties / integrations.

Take a look at the following Ch. 9 Video, that is also a great overview and introduction to Microsoft Office SharePoint 2010 Claims Based Security.: Ch9: Introduction to Claims based Security

"Claims-based identity provides a common way for applications to acquire identity information from users inside their organization, in other organizations, and on the Internet. Identity information is contained in a security token, often simply called a token. A token contains one or more claims about the user. Think of it as metadata about the user that stays with them throughout their session."

I am sure, in looking at this, you can see that Microsoft is very serious about the use of SharePoint, as well as enabling Microsoft Dynamics AX for the cloud!

Well that's all for now, but check back soon as more to come! Till Next time!

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