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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 Learning Plans & The Important 'Solutions Architect' Role

I wanted to take the time and highlight a post from Kevin Machayya, and his blog.: New Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 Technical and non-Technical Learning Plans Now Available

Kevin did a great post here, that lists the new roles that should exist when talking about Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 projects.

These are very important roles, and when talking with Kees Hertogh, at Convergence this year, he had this to say about the Solutions Architect Role.:
"This new role [Solutions Arhitect] will be key to the success of any new Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 project. No longer will these 'super consultants' be able to take on the project themselves. This role is a must for any Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 project." - Kees Hertogh, Director, Product Management, Microsoft Dynamics AX

If you look at this role, and from the information provided by Microsoft at both Convergence 2011 as well as the Microsoft Dynamics AX Technical Conference 2011, then we see it as truly a new role.

This role, per Microsoft, is involved at the sales cycle level, and carries over as a high level team member on project implementations. The idea, behind this role, is that it's someone that helps with entire solution planning for a customer. This may mean, then that they will integrate into several LOB applications, make use of CRM, AX and PTC's FlexPLM.

The Solutions Architect role is meant to help define this, with the sales team, maybe prove things out technically, and then be involved on the project as either the same role, or moves into the Technical or Application Consultant role, part time.

This role goes beyond technical design, but must also understand the technical design as well, to be able to help put together the full picture.

Microsoft really sees this as a new role, and it's something that should be considered.

With that said, if you go to the learning plans, pointed out in the post, they were last updated on May 2nd of this year, and do not yet include the training plans, for the Solution Architect Role. That's something still be understood and worked out fully.

However it's something to consider and think about. This maybe already be happening for some of you, that these roles already exists and are just not named the same. However, it's important to at least see if this role is covered within your project or org., if you want to align with Microsoft, and their vision for projects, and then role.

That's all for now, comments? Corrections? Feedback on this? Please, all are welcome!

Till next time!

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