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Monday, August 29, 2011

AX 2012 - SSRS Security deployment issue

I wanted to take the time and do a quick post, for reference on a possible security issue you may run into when deploying reports in a new instance of Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012.

In this, lets take and say your part of the Domain Admins group within the Domain for active directory. Your going along, all happy and ready to deploy reports now, and you get the following.:

"The deployment was aborted. You do not have privileges to deploy to server: (servername). For deployment, you must have administrative rights to the SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) server. Contact your administrator to deploy."

In running into this, there is actually something a little strange you may have to do, in that if you are in a group within the Local Administration group on the SSRS server, and your getting the above error message. When this is the case then the solution is to take and add your specific active directory user id to the local administrators group on the SSRS server your trying to deploy reports to.

After doing that, then your able to continue on. You can find our more about this from the following link.: Deploy default reports in AX 2012

"If your Windows domain account is assigned to a group that is a member of the Administrators group, it may take some time to validate that you are a member of the Administrators group. Consider adding your Windows domain account directly to the Administrators group if you experience a delay in the report deployment process."

I actually had to perform this action myself, in order to deploy the reports. Hopefully this will help someone out facing the same issue in the future. Make sure to make use of that MSDN article as well.

That's all for now, but check back soon as I have so much more coming! Till Next time!

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Anonymous Jefry said...

Hi Brandon, thanks for your article. Right now I'm also facing this issue. I'm a newbie in AX and SSRS. So sorry for my silly questions.

When you said that I have to add my specific active directory user id to the local administrators group on the SSRS server, where should I do that? Should I change my windows user account to administrator? or, folder AX report in report manager URL should I change? I'm already in administrator group for my windows user account and already give full control to folder setting security in AX report manager but still face this issue. Am I taking wrong steps? Thanks

11:51 PM  

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