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Friday, September 02, 2011

AX 2012 Services, Services & Services - Recap Post

With the release of Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012, I and a few other community bloggers have been really talking up services. This started with a dive into services and from there has grew and grew.

To this end, I thought it would be a good time, to take and do a wrap up article, if you will, that ties together all these efforts that have been going on, to take and give a single point of entry for finding out about all things services. There is actually a lot more, in-depth coverage that needs, and will take place for this topic. However, for your ease, and enjoyment, the following is a list of post & articles that have been created to date.

First, a nice introduction into services.: A Dive into services.

Next up, we have the set of post I did, covering different concepts and ideas of services, that was built from the dive post.:

Now in some of my posting, I did write about the SysOperations Framework, or Business Operations Framework as the actual official product label for that said framework is stated. I had planned on doing the same kind of intro post around this framework as well, as it relates to services.

However, in the midst of all the writing, learning, and sharing some other great community bloggers have covered this to a good extent already, and so I will link to those resources here.

SysOperations from Fellow Bloggers:
-AX2012: SysOperation part 1: Data Contracts and Service Operations
-AX2012: SysOperation part 2: SysOperationServiceController
-AX2012: SysOperation part 3: SysOperationAutomaticUIBuilder

-From RunBase to SysOperation : Business Operation Framework
-From RunBase to SysOperation : Business Operation Framework (Cont'd)

With all of this, it should be looked, really as a nice introduction to the concepts, and abilities of AX 2012, for making use of SOA, or services for internal and external use. This will only continue to grow, so it's ever so important that these concepts be understood now, and implemented in today's AX 2012 projects.

Look for more depth, and deeper dives into some of these concepts in the weeks to follow. That's all for now however, for those of you in the U.S. enjoy your long weekend! Till next time!

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Anonymous dynamics world said...

very nice topic

12:23 AM  
Anonymous dkay said...

Great articles Brandon. Its a hotcake info for some one beginner like me. Could you please help me how can i implement request/response kind of services using AIF file system adapter (xml file) . I mean, using document service, i can do CRUD operation, but i want to return(response) success/failure results after CREATE or UPDATE operation from ax to the external system. E.g. some validation error back to external system.

Best regards,

2:13 AM  

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