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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Modeling Business Processes with AX 2012 and Workflow - Part III - Enabling Custom Workflows

With the release of Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012, one of the more interesting improvements has been around Workflows, and their desired use for modeling business processes within AX 2012. This is why I started a series of post, that will cover workflows in AX 2012, and how the vision is truly to enable a model more and code less, for modeling business processes. I started off this series, with Modeling Business Processes with AX 2012 and Workflow. In that we reviewed the vision, in how workflows were going to remove the gap that exists between development and business process modeling.

From there, we took the workflow topic, and talked in the post about, Modeling Business Processes with AX 2012 and Workflow - Part II - What's new. In that post, we covered the what's new for AX 2012 workflows vs. AX 2009. We also covered that workflows can not be upgraded from AX 2009 to AX 2012 workflows. This is a truly different engine and, so it's really impossible to create a script that would enabling the upgrading of AX 2009 workflows to AX 2012. You would want to take advantage of the what's new in workflows for AX 2012 anyway, and so the value of offering an upgrade on that thought alone, makes such an upgrade have an even smaller chance of adding value.

Well we continue our dive into workflows, for AX 2012, with this post focusing on Enabling Custom Workflows in AX 2012. Like a lot of topics, with AX 2012, there are some really wonderful, existing resources out there, from Microsoft and from other places, that I will link to from this post, that help send what's required for custom workflows to exist. These resources, will enable use to create custom workflows and to enable workflows for modules, and forms that don't already have workflows enabled for use.

From there, I will circle back around about the vision, and desire for workflows to be used over development. So lets get started, by reviewing some existing resources online. First lets make a stop at Implementing workflow for Microsoft Dynamics AX [AX 2012]. This is a very important resource, and the very first book marked one that you add right now. This is a great resource, that will take you through the Creating workflow Types, Handling Workflow Events, Workflow Security and so on.

On this MSDN Resource page, you will also find some very useful and helpful walkthroughs.:

With these resources, you can easily start to take advantage of workflow development, and enabling workflows on existing items, as well as totally custom modules in AX 2012.

Some of the main take away's from this, is that now more than ever, it's easy to enable workflows, and so all business process design, should be considered with this fact in mind. Workflows in AX 2012 are flexible, not rigid. They are easy to design, and maintain, and decrease the technical scope it takes to meet a specific companies requirements. Think of workflows first in your designs, before you would think of specific development modifications only. That still might be needed, but it's a lot better move to have a workflow when possible than total custom code.

Well I hope this has you thinking of workflows, and it's impact and importance on design for AX 2012 projects. This is a great leap forward, and part of that bigger Modeling the world picture. That's all for now, but check back soon as a whole lot more to come! Till next time!

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Blogger Praveen Parameswaran said...

Is there any place where we can get more info on the Workflow's when used inter-company scenarios or how the configuration could be achieved.

11:48 PM  

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