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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Understanding the Value of Social Media for the Dynamics Ecosystem

I wanted to take the time today, and talk to you about the Value of Social Media for the Dynamics Ecosystem. This by far, is such a powerful force, in helping shape information, in enabling others to learn, and that truly makes the Ecosystem itself very Dynamic.

Social Media, by nature is about organic growth. The idea, is you share information, through blogs, tweets, and the like, to and ever changing, hopefully growing base of users.

When first starting out, it's typically a produce, with many consumers, and little actual interaction. However, as you grow in your social media aspects, that turns more and more into an interactive, collective experience.

To illustrate this point, take for example a topic in which Microsoft itself is talking about. They launch a blog entry, and then the Ecosystem can pick it up and run with it. I may take and create a few blog posts that dig deeper, or ask questions, with my own answers. In turn, other fellow bloggers, could link into my post, and the Microsoft one, and have their own knowledge added to the mix.

These are all shared, and continue to grow, as well as interaction with the reader base, as they leave comments, re-tweet, etc. It's very much then a Dynamic process that continues on, and on.

To this end, Microsoft Partners, Independent Consultants as well as Customers themselves, need to understand the power of social media. In understanding it, it can then become a powerful tool, to help brand yourself, or mined from a customers point of view to gain knowledge that applies to them.

At this point, I would like to share a recent eBook that two of my peers created. Mark Polino and Jon Rivers created an eBook together, that focuses on Social Media for Microsoft Dynamics Partners.

This is a very great book for any partner, or someone working for a partner, that wants to increase their understanding of how best to use social media tools for branding.

It's a nice little read, and has some real good resources, and real life information, from some lessons learned through these two Dynamics Social Media Pro's. I recommend checking it out for yourself, and seeing how it can help launch you, into a larger, ever Dynamic, ever growing Social Media landscape that exists within the Dynamics Ecosystem.

Many thanks to Mark and Jon! That's all for this post, however check back soon as a whole lot more to come.

Till next time!

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