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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Spotlight: A look at the Dynamics Ecosystem with Dynamics Hires

Starting this week, I will be working with a new sponsor of this blog, Dynamics Hires, with a focus on talking about the Dynamics Ecosystem. The idea, is to spur thought and talk around the state of the Dynamics Ecosystem, and gives some focus to current, hot and open positions that Dynamics Hires is trying to fill for it's clients.

To get this started off, I virtually sat down with Kimberly Jones, of Dynamics Hires to get her thoughts on the Ecosystem, some forward looking points, as well as asked her to share with us some current open positions that help show off the current state of the Ecosystem as a whole.

(1) Kim, the Dynamics Ecosystem seems red hot right now, with good resources hard to find. How does Dynamics Hires, help it's client, and prospects find the right match for them?

"We listen – both to what companies say they're looking for in their next hire, and what professionals say they're looking for, when they feel that they're ready to take the next step in their careers.

It's sometimes difficult for a professional to pinpoint what they feel they're lacking in their current role when they're put on the spot. Some things are endemic to the industry and may not be fixed by a company change: travel, long hours of a go-live, stress of an implementation not going well, whereas, other things business culture, compensation, career path, etc. So we ask other things, like where the best/most fulfilled consultant they know works?

We also pay attention to the organizations that people with particular skill-sets gravitate, read The Partner Channel, stay abreast of companies that are growing, watch the careers of people when they enter the Channel, etc. With companies, we ask about the characteristics of the best hire they made this/last year? What were the traits of the one you would consider the worse? Then move forward, accordingly."

(2) With the Dynamics Ecosystem being hot, and professionals with the right experience in such high demand, what do you feel are some critical points for employers to understand, to help them get at the right candidates for their needs?

"Finding good people in a niche field will always prove challenging. However, if there was one bit of advice I could give potential employers to consider when they're looking for good people, it would be to consider what it is about their company that will help them keep good people. Work/life balance is important and it matters.

Word of mouth will sell a job. How your company is viewed in the market place, matters. If potential employees see your company as a place that meets their needs, being it professional, having a career path, or more personal. Low travel, or client and employee commitment; allowing the consultant to see a project through the best professionals will want to work with you. Consider what makes your company different, and stress that. We work with a CRM company that boasts a 4 year period where no one has left their company. No one. People read that in our Hot Jobs, newsletter, and we had more talent applying than for any other position that month."

(3) Kim, what makes working in the Dynamics Ecosystem exicting for you, and what are a few "crystal ball" thoughts about the future, over the next 24-36 months?

"The Dynamics Ecosystem is constantly changing, full of diversity of background, personality, etc. So it's going to be exciting by default. But more than anything else, I think I enjoy the David and Goliath feel to it. With Dynamics changing and growing, willing itself into a place whereas it can stand toe-to-toe with the long established ERPs. That's an exciting thing to watch, and to be a part of, in any capacity.

As for my 24-36 month crystal ball...

I agree with you, the market's red-hot, not just in AX. MS CRM is doing well, SharePoint, though not officially a Dynamics product, is carving out it's own space. With SQL expanding, there has been an increased demand for professionals with strong SSAS, SSIS, and SSRS, skills. Dynamics NAV, Dynamics GP, and Dynamics SL all appear to be on the precipice of making some pretty exciting changes.

I think that if The Channel can keep up and build upon the momentum of AX and MS CRM, while NAV, SL, and GP continue to move forward, delivering quality solutions and crafting products that appeal specifically to the customers that they serve, and the markets that they're penetrating… When you look at all of that, and throw in The Cloud, then literally, it really does feel as though the sky is the limit."

(4) Finally, Kim, can you give me some examples of current open positions that your trying to fill for your clients?
  • Senior AX Developer/Technical Architect / Trainer - Planned and strategic growth has made it necessary for this unique Microsoft Gold Partner to add a Senior Level Developer/Technical Architect, to their team.

    This organization provides the benchmark for DAX technical and functional architecture processes, as well as, unrivaled contributions in best practices, and leadership for their clients, Microsoft Customers, emerging ISVs, and their Partners.

    Geat Salary, Great Company, Excellent Opportunity for a professional focused ready to take their career to the next level
  • AX Developer / Large International Customer - Large Microsoft Customer looking for Mid-Senior Level AX Developer/Applications Analyst

    Solid, fiscally stable international Dynamics AX Customer is looking for 2 ambitious AX developers, ideally, with at least 2 years Dynamics AX development experience, but will accept 1 year, provided that professional has development experience in other key software languages, to become a part of this cutting edge organization.
  • AX Analyst T&L and Finance - Solid MS Dynamics Partner, that has exceeded profitability expectations for the last 3 years, is looking for solid AX professionals to grow with them. This organization is committed to growing organically, and motivated to speaking with professionals currently in the Channel, and those who are ready to move their careers in that direction.

    This is a great opportunity for AX professional with previous customer experience that is looking for a path into consulting.

Well I would like to thank Kim, and Dynamics Hires, for taking the time to talk with me. We have a few of these post planned, over the next several weeks, as we cover the Dynamics Ecosystem together. That's all for now, but check back soon as more to come! Till Next Time!

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