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Tuesday, May 08, 2012

AX 2009 AIF Services with SharePoint Installed

Well I hope everyone is doing great today. I've been focusing a lot of my writing efforts around Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012, and for good reason. There is a lot of interest in this topic, and something that needs a lot of focus "from the field". Further, this is why I've spending this week focused around Personal BI by example, with PowerPivot. With this said, and I will continue even today with this series, I did want to spend a little time with my AX 2009 project friends and point out something specific that was asked of me.

What I'm in reference to, is around the setup of AIF Web Services, when SharePoint is later installed. For this topic, lets point quickly to the TechNet resource page for this topic, located here.: Install [AX 2009] AIF Web services.

From the Resource page.:
"Application Integration Framework (AIF) Web services are used to exchange documents between Microsoft Dynamics AX and other systems. External systems can request or create data by calling the Web services that are exposed by Microsoft Dynamics AX. To perform document exchanges with Web services, you must install the AIF Web services on the application integration gateway computer using the Microsoft Dynamics AX Setup program."

With Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009, it is possible to have both AIF installed on the same web server as SharePoint is installed to. Lets take the scenario, in which, you have installed AIF web services, and later come back and install SharePoint, and further Enterprise Portal. In doing this, SharePoint shuts down the default website, which AIF Web Services where installed to - by default. What to do now? AIF has stopped working!!

Never fear! Super Microsoft Dynamics AX is hear! So I had to find a way to tie in the above graphic. Seriously though, in reading through the referenced resource page, you will find that simply changing the port number of the default website will in fact allow both SharePoint and AIF Web Services for AX 2009 work, from the same box. Further, you could move the AIF Web Services, to a new site, on the same web server, and again give it a new port. That equates to the same process actually, and the only gain in doing so is separation of the site management in IIS.

Well that's all for this morning, and a kick back to my fellow AX 2009'ers! Stay tuned as I continue to dive into the Personal BI example, with PowerPivot, and hopefully can show the power & flexibility of Microsoft Dynamics AX and the BI Story it can help create for your company, Today! Till Then!
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