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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

AX 2012 Excel Add-in - RPC Issue

I hope everyone is doing well, and into the Dynamics World, on this fine Tuesday. We will continue our focus on EP tomorrow, but today, I wanted to spend a little time and write about a specific issue when using the Excel Add-in for Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012. What I'm talking about, can happen in a few different possibilities. Specifically however, and more to the direct error message. If you have Failed records when using the Excel add-in and the error message for each record is very generic, you should then move towards looking at the Application Event Log, where the Excel Add-in is being executed.

Within the Application Log, you will most likely see an RPC Exception 1702 or 1700 or 1704. Now the Excel Add-in is suppose to be connecting and communicating through WCF protocol for the Query Service, and other such services? Why RPC? Well there is a part of the .Net BC still used, from what I've found - needs clarification - with this process.

So how do we reach this error? Well most likely something has changed about a table your trying to access, or a Data, ie: Query or Service, that your trying to consume. For example you might have added a new import staging table to your instance, saw it fine in the Add Data, Add Tables list.

However now that you go to publish the data, from which you have built the excel table with - all records fail? This is a sign, that a Full CIL needs to be executed on the target instance in which the Excel Add-in is pointing to. This has been the fix for such issues, I've come across - every single time!

In short, running into errors with the Excel Add-in, specifically RPC errors in the Application Event log, then perform a full CIL compile on the target instance. Doing so should get you past such issues, and should allow you to proceed using Excel Add-in and your changed or new table - for loading data.

That's all for right now, I will leave you with a link to the past post I did about the Excel add-in.: AX 2012 - Excel Add-in Revisited. We will continue the EP and BI paths, as well as I have a slew of highlights, book reviews, and spotlight post coming soon. Along with a new interview from a Microsoft Executive, to help close out FY12 for Microsoft. So check back soon, and often. Till Next Time!
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