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Friday, June 15, 2012

Highlight of MSDW Spring Decisions 2012

I hope everyone has had a great week so far! I wanted to close the week out with a look towards MSDW Spring Decisions 2012 kicking off next week. As you can see from the dates above, it all kicks off with AX Day June 18th – next Monday.

This conference is great because of all the wonderful speakers, content, networking – and it’s virtual! You can drop in for specific sessions, hang out in the different lounges during your lunch, and get informed about topics that matter to you – and your Microsoft Dynamics Investment.

Being that I’m mostly focused around Microsoft Dynamics AX, my highlight is more concerned about the sessions and information related to AX 2012. Robert Boone, a peer of mine, is putting on a session that covers a topic I spend a lot of time on myself. His session, “Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012, SQL Server 2012, ad how BI fits into your ERP implementation” ties directly to what I’ve been writing about, as well as recently talked at from a higher level in Creating a System of Engagement with Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012.

Some highlights from Robert’s session.:
SQL Server 2012 has major new features for BI and Microsoft is heavily promoting the idea of self-service BI. There have been announcements of AX BI enhancements coming in R2 of AX 2012. In this session we'll explore some of the things that teams implementing AX need to consider now, including:

• A brief overview of new SQL 2012 BI features
• BI options and how these relate to an ERP project
• Who wants self-service BI?
• Individual, Team, and Corporate BI
• Unique AX features that shouldn't be overlooked when considering BI solutions

I recommend this session, for anyone that agrees with me, Business Intelligence is a high value add for Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012. Further, thinking in terms of the BI Semantic Model for Microsoft, and how to apply that today, and with the upcoming release of AX 2012 R2 is critical for deriving the most value for a customer, and truly creating a System of Engagement with AX 2012.

You can join the conversation about MSDW Spring Decisions 2012, now with following and using the twitter hash tag: #MSDWDecisions

Well that’s all for this post, and this week! Check back soon, as I have a whole host of post coming out including product highlights, continued dive into EP, as well as taking forward the conversation around Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 as a System of Engagement vs. just a System of Record. Till Next Time!
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