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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Spotlight: RF-SMART simplifies Warehouse Operations for Microsoft Dynamics AX Customers

Today, I wanted to take the time and give a spotlight to a sponsor of this blog. Who exactly am I talking about? RF-SMART - the company that simplifies warehouse operations for Microsoft Dynamics AX Customers.

I sat down, virtually with Stephen Morgan, Vice President of Global Sales and North American Partner Manager for ICS, Inc – Developers of RF-SMART offering for Microsoft Dynamics ERP. I wanted to pick Stephen’s brain a bit, and get his thoughts on specific topics of what exactly is the value message; RF-SMART brings to AX customers. The following is the result of that interview.

Stephen Morgan
VP of Global Sales

Stephen, being the VP of Global Sales, can you give us some insight into the value that you see RF-SMART bring to AX 2012 customers?

"RF-SMART’s dashboards for Dynamics AX 2012 unchain the manager from his desk, allowing him to address additional warehouse needs. Our Picking Activity Dashboard, for example, organizes and displays picking progress on the shop floor, where an average of 60% - 70% of a warehouse’s manpower is focused.

In addition to extending and simplifying AX for the worker on the warehouse floor, RF-SMART adds functionality to AX with our Advanced Logistics workflows. For example, RF-SMART’s Container Management workflow grants visibility into the contents of your containers and allows for the real-time creation of container reports. Carton packing and shipping and cross docking are also among our Advanced Logistics capabilities.

RF-SMART provides its customers with the intangible value of peace of mind! With nearly 200 customers in over 30 countries, we are accustomed to delivering our solutions to customers with single sites, all the way to multiple sites across the globe."

Stephen, what are your thoughts on the AX 2012 market, and what do you see the future holding for it as a product - and how RF-SMART will continue to add value?

"In reference to added value, we would of course want to reference back to our Advanced Logistics for AX 2012. Additionally the 2012 solution is written using HTML 5, making RF-SMART available on iPad, iPhone, iTouch, Windows Mobile, Windows CE, Android and more.

Microsoft Dynamics AX has been a proven and trusted ERP for many years. It meets the needs of its customers and keeps in step with the ever changing demands of the market. RF-SMART works closely with Microsoft to align our focuses and ensure a highly compatible product. Dynamics AX and RF-SMART are a perfect partnership for manufacturers, retailers and distributors who need one source of truth, inventory accuracy and real-time visibility into their products."

Give us a real world example, of where RF-SMART has been brought into an AX 2012 project and save time, reduced cost, and that shows off the value points you mentioned earlier.

"The value of RF-SMART’s automated data collection solution is evident as RF-SMART has recently welcomed their 25th MS Dynamics AX 2012 customer. One such delighted customer is a specialized retailer of close to 100 stores. RF-SMART combined with AX has extended the real-time visibility of actual inventory levels all the way to the storefront. In addition, store-to-store transfers, PO receiving, cycle counting and more can be done at both the distribution center and storefront with a single solution – and both update AX in real-time!

Other AX 2012 customers include manufacturers, distributors and food and beverage companies that are finding RF-SMART to be instrumental in achieving inventory and shipping accuracy, on-time delivery, increase productivity and reduced labor costs."

Stephen, if you could point out one or two things that you think is really a game changer with the RF-SMART for Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 product, what would those be?

"RF-SMART offers enhanced Advanced Logistics for AX 2012, such as container management, cross-docking and more. Our new manager dashboards facilitate even greater productivity, freeing the manager from the confines of his office.

Because we leverage HTML 5, RF-SMART tools are made available on virtually any device.

RF-SMART has made it a high priority to be a company that is easy to do business with, not only nationwide, but globally as well. Thanks to RF-SMART’s user-friendly workflow studio, customers around the world can make changes to RF-SMART fields without needing to contact support. Our over 1,500 pages of documentation prove that RF-SMART is focused on being the best in our field and on enhancing our solution to meet our customer’s growing needs."

"RF-SMART is the #1 automated data collection (ADC) solution for Microsoft Dynamics AX. With more than 70 workflows, RF-SMART supports Dynamics AX transactions and also provides advanced functionality to help companies achieve measurable increases in data accuracy and operational efficiency. Learn more at http://ax.rfsmart.com or visit our blog at http://dynamicsax.rfsmart.com/blog/"

You can follow RF-SMART at the following social channels.:

I would like to thank both Stephen and the people behind RF-SMART for taking the time and sharing with all of us. Having seen RF-SMART in action over the years, I can speak to the value it brings to the Microsoft Dynamics Ecosystem. That the whole point of looking at such a solution, to derive the most value out of a customer’s Microsoft Dynamics AX investment. If you have manual warehouse operations, paper-based workloads, and a need for automation – find out how RF-SMART can help you at: http://ax.rfsmart.com

That’s all for this post. Check back soon as more to come including a continued focus on creating a system of engagement with AX 2012, and how this is practically achieved. Till Next Time!
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thank you for sharing.

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Anonymous Microsoft Dynamics AX training in Hyderabad said...

for this operations to MS Dynamics AX customer connect Having seen RF-SMART in action over the years,the value it brings to the Microsoft Dynamics Ecosystem.

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