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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Management Reporter 2012 Rollup 2 Released

Well we have some exciting news to report on, in that Microsoft has just released Management Report 2012 Rollup2! You can find a direct download, via PartnerSource or CustomerSource access from the following resource page.: Management Reporter for Microsoft Dynamics ERP Installs and Service Packs Overview

The biggest reason I'm excited about this release, beyond the 70+ bugs that are fixed, is the tested and official support for Management Reporter 2012 databases running on SQL Server 2012!

Up until this release it was not possible to install Management Reporter 2012 on SQL Server 2012. For more information about Management Reporter 2012, you can use my recently published post cover the great content on the topic located at InformationSource: InformationSource: A wealth of Management Reporter Knowledge

To get more insight into the value SQL Server 2012 brings to customers who are investing into Microsoft Dynamics AX, you can use the following link to see past post I've done on this topic as well.: Past AX 2012 & SQL Server 2012 post.

Finally, there is one more interesting point to be made with this latest Rollup for Management Reporter 2012. As reported in the following, New Management Reporter 2012 update available post customers & partners should be aware that this is the last release that will support the Dynamics AX 2012 INTFx data provider. There is a new setup option that came with MR2012 that allows for the setup and use of a Datawarehouse concept, vs. direct connecting to the AX 2012 transactional DB.

This new option should be considered as proceeding with the use of the Datawarehouse concept for MR 2012 with AX 2012 allow for amazing performance boost. Further this option should be considered and migration plans created, as beyond this release the Datawarehouse approach will be the *ONLY* option supported.

Well that's it for today's updates. I hope you find them useful, and helping you get the most out of your Dynamics investment. Till Next Time!

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