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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Roll on Role Centers & the AX 2012 R2 Content Wagon Arrives

Today I wanted to bring focus to a few topics that need some spotlight. First off, is the Roll on Role Centers focus, for the title of this post. Specifically, MSDynamicsWorld.com recently posted a piece specifically on how to make Role Centers work for your business.: 5 Ways to Make Microsoft Dynamics AX Role Centers Work for Your Business

From the post.:
"'The improvements in AX 2012 should help partners [guide more customers to use role centers], but there is a mindset [with some partners] that BI is still not the focus, that AX implementations are still all about the transactional aspects of the solution,' according to Brandon George, a Microsoft MVP

'Too many implementations never bring Role Centers into full focus," says George. "Understanding the goal, and purpose - creating a System of Engagement, is a new generational shift for ERP and SCM software. That is the ultimate goal and point of Role Centers. Like all such shifts, it takes thinking about this from the start, proper gap analysis, design, development, and finally execution.'"

Jason and the team at MSDynamicsWorld.com quoted me well, and without a doubt I do believe thoroughly in this focus of creating Systems of Engagement for Microsoft Dynamics AX clients. Further I do believe that even those clients that are fresh on an AX 2009 implementation, has so much to gain from Role Centers, and this focus around engagement of their user base, by role.

I admit I'm thrilled to see more people take up the banner, for the term System of Engagement, and further explaining what that really means. How this should be the focus for what we do within the ecosystem. The ultimate end result actually, that continues to add value. The idea, is we can help enable customers to turn their data into a value stream for them. Creating learning loops with lead & lag data elements, that helps take information, and drive strategic planning for a company. Helping them meet, and exceed their goals!

The next spot light, and something that I'm really glad to see, is Microsoft continuing stepping up the documentation and information effort around Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R2. A great summary post by Becky, from the support team highlights some great sources on TechNet & MSDN.: Preliminary Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R2 content now on TechNet and MSDN!

Further adding to this, is the release of the recent tech conference on AX 2012 R2 video and other content to InformationSource.

Again, it's refreshing to see Microsoft have content at the forefront of the planning. This only helps further build the body of knowledge around Microsoft Dynamics AX, that the ecosystem so desires. Having valid, good content from Microsoft, makes it possible for the pundits of the Dynamics Product line to have cornerstone points and themes in which to work from - spreading in our own voice the value we perceive in each topic we dare tackle.

That's all for this update, check back soon as I have some really interesting topics to talk on. Windows Surface RT use case with Dynamics AX, BigData, BI and more! Till Next Time!
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