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Tuesday, December 04, 2012

OData Query Utility for Dynamics AX 2012

Well I hope everyone is doing well, and finding yourself very productive in this Exciting Week for Microsoft Dynamics. Of course, I'm talking in reference to the now released Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R2.

While that for sure deserve's a lot of attention, there is something I wanted to give to the community at large, as my Christmas present if you will to everyone. What I'm talking about is an Open Source Project I created called.: AX-OData Queries

As the above image implies, it's the gift that keeps on giving! That is, this open source project has ready to use, a Utility Wizard, and context action that makes understanding which Queries in a Dynamics AX 2012 instance, are valid candidates to become PowerPivot OData Feed sources!

Further as part of this project, there is a Library component that I started, in which I have placed a customer aging query, in the standard folder location. You can read more, by visiting the project's home page.

Further, important, is the documentation, so the following is a direct link to that.: AX-OData Queries Project Documentation. Make sure to read the Read Me, and then following along from there. This includes from Install, through to How To Use Guide.

The above image is the Dynamics AX 2012 project that currently comprises as v1.0.0 of the OData Query Utility scope. This again, includes a Wizard as well as an Context menu, that lives under the Add-in's section.

Like all projects, this needs revision and refinement. This is an Open Source project, and so I do encourage you to get involved as you can. Help make this better! Further, the changes and impacts of AX 2012 R2 has not be tested against this. So there is plenty of chances to make this a much better set of tools, and queries for common data sets.

As-is, you can download the Utility as an XPO file, and import it into a target Dynamics AX 2012 RTM or Feature Pack instance. Then you can either run the Wizard, or you can execute the Context Menu for a specific single query element. The goal, is to help enable the continued theme of creating a System of Engagement with Microsoft Dynamics AX. This specific will help on the Personal BI landscape, in helping faster enable use of PowerPivot, via OData Feeds.

Well that's all for now! (Early) Merry Christmas! As updates happen, of course I will take the time and let everyone know. Please visit the project, download, test, enjoy, contribute! Till Next Time!

Update: There was a slight feature added this afternoon. One that I thought was important to make the first grid, in which you filter the searching of queries by layers. We have added a new field called "Number of Queries".

Now I admit the speed in which the utilElements table can be read, which is a key to the majority of this, is not at the level I like. This is one of the area's that will be focused on next.
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