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Friday, April 19, 2013

Review: "Dynamics AX Performance Optimization Guide"

I hope everyone is doing well this fine Friday! I wanted to spend time today, giving you my insights into a recently published book. That being the title of "Dynamics AX Performance Optimization Guide."

First let me say that the depth on the database & query optimization that is given within the pages of this book is worth the purchase. The focus around optimizing the database, for sure is the right focus. I would say, in the field, 80% of the performance issues I've ran across relate directly to a Dynamics AX instance SQL Server. Further, 60-70% of these performance issues identified, usually relate back to indexes. This could be anything from missing indexes, or not having indexes properly configured and covering for where clauses of select statements.

This book goes into good detail around specific settings, how to trace down resource bottlenecks for a Dynamics AX database and more. It goes into the most commonly used Dynamic Managed Views (DMVs). Further it makes a solid attempt actually on trying to address the virutalization side of performance as it relates to Dynamics AX. Wait types, addressing blocking and other such common performance issues are well addressed in this book.

Now that being stated, like all reviews it can't all be good. You can tell that both Martin Zhen & Daniel Liao have spent time in the trenches chasing down resource vampires. Still even with my recommendation of buying this book already, it lacks in several area's.

First, section 3.11 on page 102 titled "Offload Reporting (SSRS)" is a mere nod at the point of reporting and it's impact around performance. It's a single paragraph, that honestly should have just been left off. There is no depth to this point, and it adds little value to the reader wanting to understand this very important topic.

Finally, it lacks in the focus of performance making use of SQL Server 2012 can bring, and further with it's Always On technology. I would also like to have seen mention around InformationSource. I realize however you can't cover every topic around performance or the book would be about 10 times the size that it currently represents.

Final verdict on this book, 3 out of 5 stars. It's for sure got some really great nuggets of information. It's not just for administrator / DBA / consultant types either. It would benefit well that a Dynamics AX developer, read and understand the contents of this book. It would help them in being able to grasp what their code is doing to the actual underlying data layer from X++ code. Further, helping put forth the practice of using the trace parser when developing anything for Dynamics AX.

Well that is all for this review, many thanks to Martin Zhen & Daniel Liao for completing a very nice book, that helps address and give insight on the majority of where performance issues live - The Dynamics AX Database!Til Next Time!
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