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Sunday, August 20, 2006

MBSCM - Install and Config - Update

Well after being worked like crazt over the summer, it seems that I have time now to plan out and finish up my MBSCM - Install and Config Ax 3.0. I really considered Not doing so since DAX 4.0 is here, but then after talking with peers, and Microsoft, figured that it would be good to go ahead and finish up.

With that in mind, I still have my SQL exam left (among others) that I need to take. I was looking at this, as the requirement calls for the SQL 2000 exam. I thought to myself that man, that would be a waste, espically since 2k5 has been out for nearly a year now, and the new Microsoft Certification tracks have you obtaining a MCTS by passing a SQK 2k5 exam.

With that in mind I wrote MBS U, and asked them if I took the SQL 2k5 exam would it replace the SQL 2000 exam requirement, and count towards my MBSCM? To my surprise they actually said yes! This is great news for anyone who has not yet completed their MBSCM - Install and Config. Now you can go for it, and also get one of the new Microsoft Next Gen. Certs, being MCTS - SQL 2k5, taking care of two birds with one stone!

I am always looking for ways to take advantage of such offers, and since this is not something that is highly published about I thought it would be worth something to some of my readers. I know for me it was great news, because this also not only helps me finish off my MBSCM, but also puts me on the new Microsoft Cert path.

Well check back, as this coming week I plan on writing about DAX 4.0 Application Integration Framework (AIF) as well as posting code examples for using the .Net business connector to perform task in DAX 4.0.

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