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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Product Management ( PDM / PLM ) with Dynamics AX

Would it not be very nice, if you could take an update complex product descriptions, maintain product specifications, along with images, and relations to other products, items, and underlying variants?

And then, have this all within Dynamics AX, maintained and viewed in that fashion --- Plus, have this web based and viewable by your intranet and public internet web site?

You can! And the answer is Dynamics AX + IEM from Sunrise Technologies, Inc.

With IEM for Dynamics AX, you can use a module called Product Center to manage catalogs of your different product lines and products. Have this all managed from within Dynamics AX, and made useful from within your normal ERP business processes. As well as, have this information viewable and accessable over the web to your current and possible customers. All maintained with Dynamics AX, in one place and viewable from multiple places.

For compaines that make advanced products, that have sometimes complex bom's, configuration processes, etc. this is the perfect match for allowing their Engineering and Customer Support staffs to mind-merge on products and product management.

And because this is within Dynamics AX, the full ERP can come into play, from Quote Management, to Project Management, to CAD Integration, through Sales Orders, MRP, Production Orders, delivery, and through to payment. All with a single integrated
platform, called Dynamics AX.

If you interested in finding out more, contact Sunrise here: Contact Us!

Check back soon!

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