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Monday, August 25, 2008

Microsoft Dynamics AX - Application integration, BizTalk Adapter install possible error

Had this one come up lately, and thought it would be nice to post about, seeing as how this is not really been addressed and has actually been asked a few times on the web.

When you are trying to install the Microsoft Dynamics AX BizTalk Adapter, and you get the following error:

"Microsoft Dynamics AX Setup
Setup detected that you are installing Application integration - BizTalk adapter, but BizTalk 3.5 is not installed on this computer. You must install BizTalk before installing Application integration - BizTalk adapter."

This can be confusing. This "BizTalk 3.5" reference is actually, technically correct in that is it referencing the build of BizTalk that should be installed on the same box that you are trying to install the Adapter on, which happens to be BizTalk 2006.

Now granted, you would think this should state: BizTalk 2006 (Build 3.5.xxx) which would make more sense to everyone, but that's a matter for Microsoft to handle. :-)

What I hope is that someone will find this, that runs into that same issue, and will see that the solution is this: You must have BizTalk 2006 installed on the box you want the adapter installed on, first.

Well good luck and check back soon!

Update: If you happen to install BizTalk 2006 R2, it's build is 3.6.xxxx. Just a little bit more information on this topic.

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