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Monday, February 01, 2010

Dynamics AX 6.0 (2011) and 500th Post!

Well I thought I would celebrate the 500th post for this blog, by talking about the future.

And why not right? I mean we all want to know what the future has waiting for us righr? Well we can't really say what all the future holds, but we can be sure that as far as Dynamics AX goes, it seems to be a pretty bright future.

There will be continued growth in the functional depth that Dynamics AX 6.0 brings, however for this post I want to focus on the technical side of things.

1.) Dynamics AX 6.0 will bring a whole new ball game to X++ code development and the IDE in which X++ is developed in. Through the use of WPF, the editor will get some much needed boost.

2.) Dynamics AX 6.0 Application files are moving to the SQL Server database. There will also be a brand new approach for promoting code, and merging layer objects, and working with the AOD elements all together.

3.) More and more reports will be delivered in SSRS form, and from what I understand a good bit of improvements will be made with the Visual Studio Report Development Tool Project Template. Bringing Old School SSRS development closer to the X++ business logic.

4.) Dynamics AX 6.0 is set to be the most focused, and well suited for WCF services allowing for more SOA focused integration and interchanges between AX modules and outside of AX systems. The WCF services or service references in AX 2009 is a good first start. There are plenty of issues though as I am sure anyone who has used this in mass has seen. Any major change to the underlying WCF service, and you might as well restart the AOS. The regenerate will work half the time, if you hold your mouth write, hold a pen in your left hand and it's Tuesday at midnight.

Seriouly, that process does need some improvement, and from what I understand, it is getting the attention it needs.

5.) Workflows will enter into a more true .Net state. Workflows for AX 2009 are a good start, but like service references, they also need work. Any real complex works flows, and your better off creating these in .Net 3.5 natively, and wrapping those workflows in WCF services. Then true complex workflows can be made use of in AX 2009.

From what I understand in workflows with Dynamics AX 6.0, a designer will exist that is targeted for functional consultants to build workflows with. This means, if it's true, life becomes easier for everyone.

Also while on this topic, the workflows will become like the rest of WCF, and not have to be hosted in IIS. This is suppose to mean less security headaches. We will see because AX 2009 has it share of security headaches. (Oh how I loath SPN's and Kerberos security with Windows Server 2008)

6.) The Cloud will rule in 2010, and Dynamics AX landscape will become forever changed from service offered by Microsoft, Partners, and custom developed Azure sevices and the customer level.

So with that said, Dynamics AX 6.0 seems like it's going to have a lot of great new and improvement features to offer. Still Dynamics AX 6.0 is sometime off, and Dynamics AX 2009, though some area's take some extra elbow grease with getting all the technical t's and i's crossed and dotted, is still the most advanced and amazing ERP package out there.

Well that's all for now! This is the 500th post, maybe if I get the chance to hit 1000 posts, you can share in the fun. Check back soon as more great post are coming!

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Anonymous Jan said...

Just to 1): The editor should be exchanged with visual studio, not enhanced to. There can maybe a class deployment from vs?

7:19 AM  

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